This blog will help you get started with Bluehost hosting. So let’s get started.

First of all, create your account on Bluehost.
To create an account go to: and click on login.
Enter your details and select your plan.

Registering your Domain

Subsequent to choosing a plan, you’ll result in these present…

Hello everyone!
GitHub recently released a feature that allows users to create a profile-level README to display prominently on their GitHub profile.


A README file, along with a repository license, contribution guidelines, and a code of conduct, helps you communicate expectations for and manage contributions to your project.

The GitHub…

Hello everyone🙋‍♀️!!
Hope you all are doing well.
“As the evolution of computing continues from the desktop era and into the mobile arena, the technological advancements that have led to these changes are impressive to witness.”

Vocie Tecnology
Voice Technology

Before we dive into VOICE let’s get familiar with some tech stuff used:
Voice as…

Hello everyone, I am selected as an IBM Z ambassador for the session 2020–2021. I will be sharing about IBM Z and how to contribute to the community?

IBM Z and LinuxONE Community

IBM Z and LinuxONE Community

IBM Z and LinuxONE offer rich communities, business, and technical experts, blogs, and forums to exchange ideas, connect through shared interests, and…

Recently, I got greeted by an unusual message while searching for a problem on Google. It was FOOBAR INVITATION Google’s secret hiring challenge!

foobar invitation

I first heard about the existence of the Google foobar challenge since a friend of mine, got it. …

Akanksha Raghav

Web Team Lead@StudentCode-in| ZAmbassador@IBM|MTM-2019|VUI developer|Full stack developer|Connect with me

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