The new era of VOICE

Akanksha Raghav
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“As the evolution of computing continues from the desktop era and into the mobile arena, the technological advancements that have led to these changes are impressive to witness.”

Vocie Tecnology
Voice Technology

Before we dive into VOICE let’s get familiar with some tech stuff used:
Voice as the user interface:
The focus for creating a voice-based user interface must be to make the user experience simple, comfortable, and reliable.
Voice recognition systems:
Voice or speech recognition system is a computer software program or hardware device with the ability to decode the human voice.

Some recent reveals
At one of its recent events, held in March, Apple revealed that the second generation of its popular Airpods will incorporate hands-free, voice-activated Siri. This was followed last week by Amazon’s announcement that it is readying its own wearable earphones which will, of course, respond to Alexa instead of Siri.


Now here this question arise
Could this finally be the beginning of a new era — one where, buoyed by technological developments and enhanced integrations, consumers are able to embrace voice technology as a ubiquitous utility, rather than a mere novelty?

As voice technology becomes more sophisticated and mainstream, we’re likely to see a greater proliferation of voice-enabled applications make their way across industries, extending their reach beyond the home where they’re typically used. For instance, late last year Google launched Voice Access, an Android app that allows individuals with mobility and motor impairments to use their voice for greater control and direction.

All types of embedded systems are considering interaction with electronic systems with a voice as the user interface, from consumer audio devices to home automation systems, to industrial automation equipment. Services like Siri, Cortana, Google Now, and Alexa have shown that the user experience can be dramatically improved relative to voice response systems we have used in the past.




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